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Creating better human experiences

We believe that world-class organisations don’t compete on price, products, or features. They compete on experience. Great experiences are the ultimate drivers of preference, loyalty, and advocacy. We apply human-centred design methods to create world-class user and customer experiences.

Human-centred design creates experiences involving products, systems, services, and spaces. It’s a methodology based on ISO standard 9241-210, which specifies that designs must consider, be tested with, and be iterated based on the people who will use them, how they’ll use them, when, and where.

We apply this philosophy to help you design better products, services, spaces, and digital interactions for you and your customers.

How we’ll  help

Whether you’re at the early stages of a project or have a working system that needs review, we can help. Our services span all phases of the design process and range from a quick, two-hour user test of your website or system to full end-to-end service redesign based on deep customer insights. We are specialist user experience (UX), visual and service designers, researchers, and strategists who will help you put your customers, users, and employees at the centre of your designs. We’ll help you create better experiences and support successful implementation in your organisation.

Our approach

We use human-centred design practices to innovate and improve business performance. Our methods adapt to meet a variety of business challenges but are always underpinned by the same core values: highly collaborative, based on deep research-based user insight, detailed and rigorous, strategic, iterative, creative, and focused on tangible business outcomes. Our approach is highly visual, tangible, and translated across all channels. Our core skill is to simplify complex customer interactions and create measurable value for your business.

Our services

Our experience designers can add value to your business in a range of ways.

  • Qualitative interviews, field studies and contextual enquiry – Gain insight into how people use your system in their usual environment; at work, home, or on the go.
  • Research survey – Quickly find out who’s visiting your site, why they’re there, and what they like and dislike with user surveys.
  • Personas – Put a face and name to your user research with personas, and then purposefully design for them.
  • Customer journey mapping – Understand what experiences your customers have across all interactions and touch-points with your organisation, under-pinned by qualitative research.
  • Expert review – We can review your designs and suggest quick, inexpensive, ways to improve usability.
  • User testing – We’ll show you how users actually respond to your system, services, or product and the changes that will best meet their needs. We conduct user testing in our purpose built testing labs, in the customer context, or at your place.
  • Eye tracking – An advanced user testing technique using specialist equipment that pinpoints exactly where users look and for how long.
  • Co-design workshop – This collaborative workshop provides you with solid, initial concepts early in the design process.
  • Service design – Great service doesn’t happen by accident; we design an end-to-end omni-channel services that delight your customers.
  • Lean UX – A rapid, iterative, collaborative (spring based) approach to human-centred design that delivers faster outcomes and reduces waste in the process.
  • Interaction design and prototyping – We design and prototype interactions and interfaces that are useful, usable, and delightful.
  • Visual experience design – Our visual designers will bring your screens to life, delight your users, and enhance usability.
  • Information architecture – We design an information architecture that helps your users find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily.
  • Behavioural design – We combine the science of behavioural economics with the design techniques of persuasive design to create better business and user outcomes in interactions with users.

Our work

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