Finding new value

We must innovate to stay relevant and competitive in a world of rapid digital change and changing customer behaviour. Innovation may involve new products, services, processes and business models and will inevitably require organisations to think differently about their business, customers and people. It requires courage and willingness to challenge the norms.

We will apply a human-centred approach to your innovation challenge. This might include design thinking, open innovation, co-creation, and a rapid, iterative approach to bring new ideas and solutions to life quickly for your organisation.

How we’ll help

We work with teams to solve complex problems and uncover new opportunities. We’re known for our ability to accelerate ideas — scaling the good ones, pivoting those with potential, and removing the bad ones. We will significantly speed up your progress and decision making, offer a different perspective and provide inspiration.

We focus on aligning measurable business outcomes with customer needs and wants. We’ll help you to move before your competitors do and to disrupt offerings by differentiating based on customer experience. We’ll work with you to create things that are new to the world.

Our approach

Each stage of the innovation process takes thinking wide (diverging) before refining down (converging) to a set of key insights, chosen concepts, final design, and at the end a living, breathing product or service.

We love encouraging collaboration, play, and experimentation. We’ll approach your innovation challenge through a human-centred design lens — reframing problems and opportunities from your customers’ perspective, rapidly exploring and testing ideas, and increasing the detail of concepts as they prove of value to users. Through open innovation we bring completely new and different frames of reference, diversity of thought, experiences, and expertise to your challenge.

We take a highly visual approach to co-creation and design that encourages thinking broadly and creatively about your organisation.

Our services

We’ll help you to see the opportunities you didn’t know existed. These are some of the ways we can add value to your business.

  • Generative research to uncover latent needs – Focusing on your current and potential users, we deliver clear, actionable research that you can use to make insight based decisions.
  • Inspiration tours – Get inspired by visiting and sharing your experiences with other organisations who are overcoming similar problems to you but in different ways.
  • Open innovation events – We host and coach events to help your organisation utilise external as well as internal ideas. This is innovation through partnership, sharing risk and reward. These events can range from days to weeks.
  • Ideation workshops – By disrupting your day to day working behaviour with carefully selected activities, your people can generate hundreds of new business ideas in a single day.
  • Innovation and design jams – Deeply collaborative sessions in which teams of participants apply design-thinking processes to solve real problems. Participants can be stakeholders, industry experts, or members of the public.
  • Rapid co-creation and prototyping sprints – A time-boxed approach to innovation. You’ll achieve fast and user validated outcomes by working collaboratively with your team, generating ideas, testing them with real people and iterating based on insight. We can also coach you and help you build this capability within your organisation.
  • Innovation hub – Working alongside your team to stand up and facilitate an organisational unit or group who can drive innovation activities within your organisation.
  • Outsourcing innovation and design teams – If you need more design and innovation capability within your organisation, we can lend you some of our brilliant humans. Just be nice to them!
  • Design thinking methods and mentoring – Whether you need a one day workshop or a culture change to become a design-led organisation, our leading design-thinkers are capable of delivering and coaching you in design-specific cognitive activities that can be applied to any business problems.
  • Corporate venturing – Create your competitive advantage by supporting a specialist and disruptive company or initiative. Working alongside your team, we provide the research and the expertise to make your next big thing, the next big thing.
  • Co-design and innovation labs – Helping you build capability and resources for baking design and innovation into your organisation.
  • C-suite/Board stimulation – Helping your top people understand a design-led innovation approach.
  • Hot house incubation for a new product, business model, or invention – Sometimes you’ll need a full suite of services from IP management to growth strategy to help get something new off the ground.

Our work

We’ll work with you to create unexpected solutions. Find out how we’ve helped these clients.

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