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Identifying and leveraging insights

The increasing volumes of data available to organisations can be a headache or a treasure trove. We focus on helping you find and use good quality data to understand and optimise your organisation’s performance and improve your customer experience at the same time. We provide you with insights and recommendations based on goal driven usable data. Find out what happened, why, and where to take action.

We have a large team of over 100 modellers and analysts in New Zealand, and work closely with our counterparts in Australia. We cover all areas of data, from collection, cleansing and management to building algorithms and visualisation tools.

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Our approach

We will help you leverage your own data to unlock new business value. This might include improved customer experiences, operational efficiencies, or smarter customer engagement models.

We combine deep analytical expertise with business and customer understanding so your data is understood in context. We take a hypothesis driven approach to target analysis in the areas of most value for you and discover insights you can take tangible action on.

Data & Analytics Service Process

Our services

We can help you unlock the value of your data in a number of ways:

Data driven customer engagement
  • Helping you deliver relevant content to the right user at the right time via the right channel.
  • Aligning KPIs with customer experience.
  • Driving business results through digital marketing.
  • Quantifying marketing return on investment, improving conversion rates and increasing revenue.
  • Integrating sales and marketing applications into one comprehensive digital experience engine.
Web analytics
  • Capturing the right data. We’ll help you define your site’s goals and establish the infrastructure needed to measure performance.
  • Reporting the data simply. We’ll design intuitive reports tailor-made to your site’s goals.
  • Gaining insights and creating actionable deliverables. We’ll help you to create high-impact, low-effort deliverables and advise you on how to implement these correctly.
Data strategy and capability build

Data strategy is about the efficient and effective collection, storage, analysis and distribution of an organisation’s information. It is about opening up information channels, removing the bottlenecks, and making data flow to the people that need it at the time they need it. We’ll help you to do this by looking at your how your information is structured (architecture), managed (governance), and collected (quality).

  • Helping you develop data strategy.
  • Helping you implement on-going data management processes.
  • Reviewing and developing complex information architecture models.
  • Identifying key capabilities to enhance the governance of organisational information.
  • Assessing data quality and develop an approach to achieve optimal data quality management.
Information management

We’ll support you in developing a clear roadmap to ensure the right business intelligence investments are made. We’ll do this by blueprinting and road mapping, assessing your information management maturity, and developing robust business cases.

  • Creating a robust information management business by employing best practice in information governance, security, risk, and compliance.
  • Identifying and addressing key risks to focus resources more effectively and ensure technology spend is aligned to overall business objectives.
  • Improving investment value through cost modelling, benchmarking, and performance optimisation.
  • Independently assessing and assisting with the development of information management maturity.
Lean value discovery

‘Fast data’ is all about applying insight at the right time to rapidly transform your operational and strategic processes. Our lean analytics approach uses fast paced project cycles (sprints) with your data teams, our data scientists, and key stakeholders.

  • Driving revenue growth and margin. We’ll help you to understand your customers and how to price for profit.
  • Reducing cost of operations. We’ll help you to manage your workforce, optimise your supply chain, and reduce information management delivery costs.
  • Informing strategic decisions. We’ll work with you to enhance ROI, reduce risk, and visualise performance.
Other data offerings

There are a number of additional services available through the PwC network.

Procurement and spend analysis

We can help profile your spend and identify where savings can be made and value found.

  • Spend visibility – Collecting, mapping, standardising, normalising, and refreshing enterprise spend data to help you gain better data visibility and improve integrity.
  • Spend analytics – Interpreting cleansed data to find out where you are spending, who you are spending with, and how much are you spending.
  • Spend evaluation and optimisation – Identifying relevant procurement levers that can be used to cut costs and optimise your procurement function.

Actuarial modelling

Actuarial modelling will help you quantify risks and outline future scenarios so you can face the future with confidence.

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Forensic Services

The Forensic Services team is dedicated to meeting the challenges caused by fraud allegations, financial crimes, employment disputes, and other irregularities.

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Assurance business intelligence and analytics

The Business Intelligence and Analytics team uses a variety of sophisticated data analysis tools and techniques to provide our clients with valuable information about how their processes can be improved.

We can help our clients

  • Identify fraud risks or a breakdown in internal controls, for example, collusion between vendors and employees, duplicate payments, breaches in delegated authority or unusual transactions.
  • Prioritise their internal audit resources.
  • Recover GST overpayments, leverage vendor spend, benchmark performance internally and externally, and optimise business processes.
  • Identify revenue leakage.

Our work

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