Our services


We’re passionate about solving meaningful problems where customer, technology and data intersect.

Our team provides integrated, end-to-end digital and experience solutions from strategy and innovation through to execution. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re working with the leading digital and experience design consulting business in New Zealand. No matter the size and scale of your project, or organisation – PwC digital’s services can be tailored to suit your distinct needs.

Our services


Realising future potential

Develop a business strategy fit for the digital age by focusing on the intersection between human-centred design, digital technology and data.


Finding new value

Innovate to stay relevant and competitive in a world of rapid digital change and changing customer behaviour.

Research & Design

Creating better human experiences

Get a better understanding of what your customers need and how you should deliver it to them to create world-class experiences.


Solving the toughest technology problems

Maximise the potential of technology and get help with tricky technology changes. Your technology solutions will be created to suit your unique needs.

Data & Analytics

Identifying and leveraging insights

Identify and leverage quality data and insight to ensure your investments are performing now – then perform even better tomorrow.

Cyber Security

Using your systems and data with confidence

Build a better understanding of the risks and threats to your information assets to maximise opportunities and unlock value.

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