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We’re a trusted group of people focused on making a difference.

PwC digital brings together experts in strategy, innovation, experience, research and design, technology solutions, data and analytics, and cyber security. We’re differentiated by our broad industry experience, technical know-how and focus on human-centred design. Our New Zealand team are connected to over 2,000 PwC digital professionals from around the world, so you can leverage both our local expertise and global insight.

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The qualities we look for in others are the ones we aspire to ourselves.

We hire from so many different disciplines as it takes a diverse set of skills, personalities and points of view to build a humming team. We’re powered by our people—and if you’re an expert in your own right, and love working with collaborative teams, we’d love to hear from you.

So if you’d like to be considered next time we’re hiring, please send us your full CV and cover letter.

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