Our events

Past events

Our people are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love delivering encore performances, either at conferences or in your office. So if one of these topics interests you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • 2016 Auckland Design Service Jam
    Auckland (February 2016)
  • Winter Breakfast Briefings
    Auckland & Wellington (August 2015)
  • Sprinting our way to better human experiences
    Auckland & Wellington (March 2015)
  • 2015 Auckland Design Service Jam
    Auckland (February 2015)
  • Competing on experience
    Auckland & Wellington (November 2014)
  • Quant vs. Qual: A deep dive research case study
    Auckland & Wellington (October 2014)
  • Design thinking for everyday business problems
    Christchurch (July 2014)
  • Optimal Lessons: Field notes on building a UX consultancy
    Auckland & Wellington (June 2014)
  • Design thinking for everyday business problems
    Auckland & Wellington (March 2014)
  • Government online services under the UX microscope
    Auckland & Wellington (December 2013)
  • Randy Reddig co-founder of Square Inc. provides a rare view from the inside of a tech start-up success
    Wellington (October 2013)
  • Lean UX Week – with International Lean UX Expert Jeff Gothelf
    Auckland & Wellington (September 2013)
  • The natives are restless: What digital natives are teaching digital immigrants, and why you should care?
    Auckland & Wellington (July 2013)
  • Mobile Banking in NZ – The good, the bad and the ugly!
    Auckland & Wellington (March 2013)
  • Human-centred design and personas.
    Christchurch (March 2013)

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