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Seeing the opportunity

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We supported Yellow with their technology driven business transformation project. The objective was to move from having a fragmented view of its customers to a single view enabling flexibility, the creation of a simple integrated solution for both its print and online services and to improve the customer experience.

Our approach

We were brought in part way through their project and were quickly able to ascertain that their current approach would not meet the customer experience they were looking to achieve. We were able to rescope the project so that Yellow could realise their goal on being a leader in digital leads.  We focused on a quicker and cheaper upgrade of the existing online solution. Our role adapted to meet the changing needs of Yellow and we led the implementation of the online solution upgrade in a very aggressive timeframe.

Delivering results

The successful launch of a new improved Yellow allowed their resources to focus on the core business during the project which achieved a 95 per cent reduction of data errors on the website, increased ability to rapidly launch online products, and needed little early life support after implementation due to the quality of training provided.

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