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Lotto’s new strategy defined a vision focused on growth and innovation, particularly through digital channels. To achieve this strategy Lotto identified that it would require significant changes to its technology, processes, how it operates and engages with its key partners.

Our approach

We helped Lotto establish its goals and vision for the future and then led an assessment of the current state, to identify the challenges that needed to be overcome. We then created a blueprint which outlined all of the changes needed to deliver on the strategy and co-created a roadmap outlining the packages of work required. We formed them into a programme of work which could be articulated to the Board.

Our most recent work has seen us deliver the following:

  • business case development
  • online customer research
  • content development support
  • defining development support
  • interaction design.

Delivering results

Our work helped Lotto identify the changes needed, options available to them and associated implications. It enabled Lotto to communicate to their Board and key sponsors the journey ahead and the expected outcomes to build a case for change.

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