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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) laid out an aspirational future in its Vision 2015 strategy which suggested a truly transformational change for INZ. The change involved switching from applying for and processing a visa using largely manual processes to a fully online and automated approach. This required not only a significant technology change but also a business change as the nearly 1000+ staff and many thousands of customers and business partners would be required to switch from manual to electronic visa processing.

Our approach

PwC digital led the 18-month business transformation project, which was focused on designing a new global visa processing operating model that would see INZ move fully into the digital world shifting from a decentralised model to a centralised global processing model.

We assessed all components of the visa processing operating model including: systems, products, channels, customer offering, business capabilities and performance metrics. This allowed us to identify the transformation roadmap for INZ to achieve alignment to the future state.

Our role in 2015 is to lead the implementation of the operating model changes across 30 global processing offices, which is focused heavily on implementing standard processes to enable greater sharing and mobility of work, and also involves integrating new technology to modernise the operating model.

We’re also providing change management expertise to help staff learn and adopt the new ways of working.

Delivering results

Although our work is on-going, we have already helped INZ with:

  • a current state assessment of the current operating models
  • identifying opportunities to simplify future state processes through best practice and lean methodology
  • defining a future process model to support electronic lodgement and global processing
  • defining a target operating model for the visa processing system that articulates the changes to people, processes and technology
  • developing a change management strategy targeted at delivering change across 28 global sites
  • the implementation of a standard triage and verification processes
  • designing and developing change readiness assessments.

By December 2015 the view is that INZ will be operating in a fundamentally different way with a high proportion of visas applications able to be submitted online, from any location in the world, with a lower cost base, higher quality and a greatly enhanced customer experience.

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