Improving information architecture

Seeing the opportunity

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Icebreaker wanted access to high quality and timely information to support its business growth targets. Icebreaker approached PwC digital, to help review information stored in systems and lay out the key steps required to move away from their current state described as data rich and information poor.

Our approach

We ran interactive workshops to establish a review process and key areas of focus. Improvement opportunities were identified by a bottom-up understanding of the environment. We worked directly with staff allowing them to contribute to the development. Our consultants also helped establish a standard way of presenting and assessing their interfaces. We produced best practice documentation that underpinned the data maintenance and improvement initiatives designed to suit Icebreaker’s context.

Our most recent work has seen us deliver the following:

  • data strategy
  • interactive workshops
  • interface assessment
  • data maintenance
  • system processes.

Delivering results

Icebreaker gained greater visibility of system responsibilities, as it became clear who should be managing what. Icebreaker built a better understanding of key system processes, and was encouraged to share knowledge and insight further. And as a whole, the project supported longer term internal capability.

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