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For the last six years we have worked closely with the team from Creative New Zealand helping them to define and deliver their online vision. Example engagements with Creative New Zealand include:

  • an expert review of the previous website
  • informal guerilla testing and formal user testing of an app and development work
  • redevelopment of the information architecture for the new website
  • creating wireframes for the new website
  • guerilla testing wireframes of the new website.

Our approach

Our first project was an expert review of their website in 2009. Since then we have helped Creative New Zealand to develop their online offering and our most recent project has been a redesign of the information architecture, interaction design and the development of the wireframes for their upcoming renewed website. Our relationship with Creative New Zealand has seen us deliver the following services:

  • online customer research
  • visual design
  • content development support
  • guerilla and formal user testing
  • wireframe design
  • low-fidelity prototyping
  • interaction design.

Delivering results

“Beginning a project with (PwC digital) ensures we start off properly. They assist us in focusing in on the user and then overlay this across all of the project work we do with them. This always gives us a better result than if we’d not worked with them. They make it so easy to get things right.”

– Matt Allan, Manager, Creative New Zealand

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