Meaningful collaboration

Seeing the opportunity

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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) asked us to help them create safe and skilled young drivers. Our goal was getting drivers to value their safety as well as the safety of other road users, and providing them with the knowledge and skills to take action – both inside and outside of the vehicle – to reduce the risk of road trauma for themselves and others.

Our approach

Our task was to deliver a more effective young driver education programme that included higher order learning. Through an eight week project with ACC and NZTA, we created a high level design for the programme where we:

  • engaged 16 subject matter experts through the design thinking process
  • tested and validated every part of the programme with young people and driving educators across the entire country
  • created a shared understanding within the project team using meaningful collaboration methods and the ability to work in a shared space

Our most recent work has seen us deliver the following:

  • learning outcomes
  • design principles
  • mobile applications
  • game concepts
  • website development.

Delivering results

At the end of the collaborative project we delivered a high-level design and specifications document including 11 learning outcomes, 14 design principles, four mobile applications, various game concepts, and a compete website all aimed at shaping one safer country.

“We were very inspired and encouraged by our meeting. I think the programme is going to be a great addition to safe driving in this country.”

– Dr Lise Bird Claiborne, Assoc. Professor in Critical Educational Psychology

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