Implementing strategy

Seeing the opportunity

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We worked with 2degrees to help create a digital experience strategy that focused on providing the very best customer experience. The challenge was to understand the customer experience across all digital channels and consumer touch points.

Our approach

We tackled this by conducting interviews with people in their homes to find out what they really thought about technology, devices and their future technology needs.

Our in depth research uncovered 16 key themes and insights which could help transform the approach 2degrees would take to develop customer engagement tools.

Our most recent work has seen us deliver the following:

  • digital strategy
  • strategy implementation
  • customer experience
  • human-centred design.

Delivering results

We were able to help grow areas of the business and help 2degrees to be more responsive to their own customers’ needs through a human-centred strategy and approach.

“I 100% agree with everything you’ve said.”

– Stewart Sherriff, CEO 2degrees

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